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   Lieutenant Colonel William Arbuthnot Lenox-Conyngham
Dated added: 01/06/2017
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Personal Details
10th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment (British Army)
Date Of Birth:
 (Survived The War)
William Arbuthnot Lenox-Conyngham was the eldest son of Sir William Fitzwilliam Lenox-Conyngham and Lady Laura Calvert Arbuthnot Lenox-Conyngham. He was born in 1857. He was the eldest of 13 children and heir. The family lived at Springhill House, Moneymore. He joined the army in 1878. He served in India and the Boer War. He volunteered his services on the outbreak of the war and served throughout the war. He died on 20th April 1938. He was 80 years old.
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 William Arbuthnot Lenox-Conyngham
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