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Updates for Staff Sergeant Harold J Burgess
Date Information
24/02/2019 Harold J Burgess survived the war. He was 37 years old when the war ended.
24/02/2019 Staff Sergeant Harold J Burgess served with the 1st South African Rifles.
24/02/2019 Like his two brothers, Harold is listed on the Royal School Dungannon WW1 Memorial.
24/02/2019 The 1911 census does not list Harold as living with the family at house 17 in Hanover Street Coagh.
24/02/2019 The 1901 census lists Harold as age 19, living with the family at house 18 in Hanover Street Coagh. Dr Burgess was a General Medical Practitioner and a Justice of the Peace. Harold was a clerk.
24/02/2019 Harold Burgess attended the Royal School Dungannon.
24/02/2019 Harold’s father, Robert Burgess, was a doctor and a Justice of the Peace (J.P.) in Coagh for many years.
24/02/2019 Family: Robert Burgess, Matilda Jane Burgess, Helen Burgess (born 20th February 1879), Robert King Holmes Burgess (born 27th May 1880), Harold J Burgess (born 25th October 1881), Charles Herbert Burgess (born 26th August 1883), Gladys Mary Burgess (born 20th February 1885), Catherine Maude Burgess (born 6th December 1890).
24/02/2019 Harold Burgess was born on 25th October 1881. He was the third of six children. All the children were born in Coagh.
24/02/2019 Harold J Burgess was the son of Robert and Matilda Burgess. Robert Burgess and Matilda Jane King. They were married on 11th April 1878 in the district of Derry.
24/02/2019 The History of Coagh booklet lists Charles Herbert Burgess and Harold J Burgess as having served in the war.
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