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Date Information
01/06/2019 A Thomas Sands signed the Ulster Covenant in Coagh Orange Hall. It is thought that this was his father.
01/06/2019 The 1911 census lists Thomas’ two children, living with his father and stepmother at house 5 in Urbal Street, Coagh. There is no mention of Thomas and Margaret in the 1911 census.
01/06/2019 Thomas Sands (senior) married Margaret Marks on 19th August 1905.
01/06/2019 Known family: Thomas Sands (junior), Margaret Sands (nee Hancock), Mary Sands (born 7th February 1905), James Sands (born 28th December 1906).
01/06/2019 Thomas Sands married Margaret Hancock on 10th June 1904 in the district of Cookstown. They went on to have two children.
01/06/2019 Thomas’ mother, Mary Sands, died on 22nd March 1903, aged 43.
01/06/2019 The 1901 census lists Thomas as age 18, living with the family at house 2 in Urbal Street, Coagh. Thomas was employed as a sawyer. His father was an egg merchant. His older brother, John Sands, was an invalid. His younger brother presumably worked with his father as he was an assistant egg merchant.
01/06/2019 Known family: Thomas Sands, Mary Sands, William Sands (born 15th March 1879, died 18th March 1879), William John Sands (born 5th April 1880), Thomas Sands (born 18th February 1882), James Sands (born 11th September 1884).
01/06/2019 Thomas Sands was born on 18th February 1882. He was one of three surviving sons, all born in Coagh.
01/06/2019 Thomas Sands was the second son of Thomas and Mary Sands. Thomas Sands and Mary toss / Loss were married on 1st March 1879 in the district of Cookstown.
01/06/2019 Thomas Sands was listed on Panel Two of the World War One memorial in Coagh Orange Hall to those who served.
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