Friends of the Somme - Mid Ulster Branch
Coagh - Those That Served
Kingsmills Orange Hall Roll of Honour WW1 (Served)
Listed on Memorial
No Mem Ref Service No Rank Name Regiment / Service Battalion Date Of Death
1 01-A Pte. Anderson, Thomas R Irish Rif 6th Battalion
2 01-B Gordon, Isaac Unknown
3 01-C 110652 Gnr McReynolds, Austin R Garr Art
4 02-A Braiden, Robert Unknown
5 02-B Greer, James Unknown
6 02-C G/425 Pte. McIlree, Andrew R Irish Fus
7 03-A Crooks, John Unknown
8 03-B Hogg, James Unknown
9 03-C 17807 L/Corp McIlree, David R Inn Fus 9th Battalion
10 04-A 40645 Pte. Crooks, Samuel Henry R Garr Art
11 04-B 304 Pte. Irwin, Hiram North I H
12 04-C 15792 Gnr McIlree, Samuel R Garr Art 24th Heavy Battery
13 05-A 2/2494 Pte. Curry M.M., William R Inn Fus 4th Battalion
14 05-B 17815 Pte. Leonard, Henry R Inn Fus 9th Battalion
15 05-C Rollins, John Unknown
16 06-A Crawford, Robert Unknown
17 06-B Leonard, Robert Unknown
18 06-C 1884 Pte. Totten, Edmond RASC
19 07-A Crawford, Thomas Unknown
20 07-C Wallace, John Unknown
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Enniskillen Hall, Kingsmills, Coagh
Coagh & District in WW1